"Nightwalks" Group Show, Southeastern Illinois College, Harrisburg, Friday June 8th Opening

"Nightwalks is an exhibition of art that arrives from imaginative origins. These works are both wonder- and wander-ful: born from a sense of wonder towards the grand natural landscape and the wandering of the terrain of the mind’s psychological space. 

A line from artist Vija Celmins has attracted these works towards each other - “It’s more about the feeling of the magic of making something I could never have mine: my airplane, my ocean, my sky.” Likewise, this exhibition gathers works that express a sense of seeking and introspection towards entities greater than can be personally held. In this way, we have desired to make the firmament tangible, therefore creating for our own selves a version of that which cannot be had."

Nightwalks is a group exhibition of four Philadelphia-based artists - Matthew Colaizzo, Marianne Dages, Kimi Pryor, and SIC alumni Emily Elliott. 

Curated by Emily Elliott.

Exhibition runs June 6-August 3, 2018
Opening reception June 8, 7pm
Open gallery hours are Mon-Thurs 8:30-4:30 and during special events.



Spillway Collective presents Escape Artist, an exhibition offering an alternative reality to the current state of affairs. Artists Sarah Gamble, Jen Hitchings, Kimi Pryor, and Stoney Sasser create worlds devoid of Twitter fights, hatred, and the mundanity of the every day, and instead delve into an area of mysticism, ritualism, and the simplistic. The paintings and sculptures on view offer visitors the idea of another world, a world to which they can escape.

Sarah Gamble's work delves into the otherworldly. Images seem as though they are written in the stars, making each figure feel god-like, holy. Eyes, detached from their human, hover in blackness, watching the viewer but eliminating their ability to grasp onto anything tangible. 

The worlds that Jen Hitchings creates are a nod to the familiar, such as family gatherings and camping trips, and yet are ungrounded by her use of extreme color relationships. This manipulation of color leads the viewer's physical recognition into a psychoanalytic interpretation of what's happening. With these paintings, the viewer can visit alternate states of psychologically seeing. 

Kimi Pryor's paintings are both oddly specific and devoid of reference. Paintings may include a figure, but that person is often singular and melting into a surreal and strange surrounding. The viewer may be able to grasp onto one or two signifiers of the everyday, an arch or a raft or a piece of nature, but is left wondering what happened to the rest of the world. 

Stoney Sasser's three-dimensional works, hovering in space are a whimsical attempt at an alternative reality. Sea anemone-like creatures swim in swirls of color and wonder. Floating like islands in the sky, Sasser's works are worlds of imagination. These works utilize simple materials from this world, to create radical assemblages, taking the ordinary to the extraterrestrial.

This exhibition offers the idea of another world, a world to which the viewer can escape. On view from October 8th for POST Northeast through November 4th. Opening reception on October 12th from 6-9pm.

Spillway Collective

1400 North American Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122


Just Painting Group Show, SRO Gallery, June 2, 2017

Happy to say I"ll be included in this group show of amazing painters at SRO Gallery in Brooklyn. Opening June 2, 2017, 6 - 9pm. Curated by James Hyde. Show runs through July 2nd. Come say hello!

SRO GALLERY | 1144 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11216

HOURS: Saturday and Sunday 1-6pm
and by appointment 347 489 6189


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Blog posts coming soon ... stay posted. 

The Handmaid, Oil on Panel, 16" x 20", 2016. 

The Handmaid, Oil on Panel, 16" x 20", 2016.