"Nightwalks" Group Show, Southeastern Illinois College, Harrisburg, Friday June 8th Opening

"Nightwalks is an exhibition of art that arrives from imaginative origins. These works are both wonder- and wander-ful: born from a sense of wonder towards the grand natural landscape and the wandering of the terrain of the mind’s psychological space. 

A line from artist Vija Celmins has attracted these works towards each other - “It’s more about the feeling of the magic of making something I could never have mine: my airplane, my ocean, my sky.” Likewise, this exhibition gathers works that express a sense of seeking and introspection towards entities greater than can be personally held. In this way, we have desired to make the firmament tangible, therefore creating for our own selves a version of that which cannot be had."

Nightwalks is a group exhibition of four Philadelphia-based artists - Matthew Colaizzo, Marianne Dages, Kimi Pryor, and SIC alumni Emily Elliott. 

Curated by Emily Elliott.

Exhibition runs June 6-August 3, 2018
Opening reception June 8, 7pm
Open gallery hours are Mon-Thurs 8:30-4:30 and during special events.